“bat365在线平台”, ‘we’, ‘us’ 和 ‘our’ are references to bat365在线平台 Brewing 和 Retailing Limited, who is the data controller in respect of this website 和 the processing described in this notice. bat365在线平台的ICO注册号码是ZA054235. We have appointed a data protection officer whose 详细联系方式 are provided at the end of this notice.


作为全国领先的酒吧零售商和啤酒商, 格林金欢迎客户进入bat365在线平台的3,000酒吧, 餐厅 和 hotels across the UK 和 brews a range of award-winning ales. Our products 和 services trade under a wide range of well-known 品牌, including bat365在线平台, 饥饿的马, 农家旅馆, 厨师 & Brewer, Flaming Grill, bat365在线平台 Inns, bat365在线平台 IPA 和 Old Speckled Hen. 更多关于bat365在线平台品牌的信息,请浏览 在这里.




  1. you use our websites
  2. we need to verify your 年龄
  3. bat365在线平台需要核实或记录您的身份信息
  4. you book a room, table or function
  5. 你付款,要求退款或兑换凭证
  6. you use our Wi-Fi service
  7. 你订阅时事通讯或直接营销
  8. we carry out profiling
  9. 你可以使用礼品卡或参加忠诚计划
  10. you enter a competition
  11. 你在酒吧玩扑克
  12. 你可以提出疑问、赞扬或抱怨
  13. you take part in a survey
  14. bat365在线平台录制宣传视频、采访或拍照
  15. bat365在线平台录下闭路电视图像或紧急电话
  16. bat365在线平台会录下打到bat365在线平台办公室的电话
  17. an accident occurs
  18. we impose a ban on visiting a venue
  19. bat365在线平台询问其他人的个人数据


1 - When you use our websites

We use information about our website visitors 和 他们的 visits to learn more about what our customers like 和 dislike 和 to target our direct marketing 和 advertising. See the profiling section of this notice 和 the cookie policy of the website you are visiting 为更多的细节.


2 - When we need to verify your 年龄

We are required by law to ensure we do not sell alcohol to anyone under the 年龄 of 18 so we carry out 年龄 checks 当ever they are necessary. We log some 年龄 verification checks anonymously so that we can check 和 prove that they are being carried out in accordance with the licensing rules which apply to the venue you are visiting.

挑战21 和 挑战25 schemes seek to discour年龄 under年龄 drinking by encouraging hospitality businesses to ask anyone lucky enough to look like they are under 21 (or 25) for proof of 他们的 年龄 before they are served. If you’re one of the lucky ones, please don’t be offended if we ask you for proof of your 年龄. A photo-card driving license, passport or military ID are valid proof of 年龄 for both schemes: if you don’t have these documents, please check the relevant Challenge scheme website to see what else we can accept.


3 - When we need to verify or record information about your identity


偶尔, a licensing authority may require the licensed premises in 他们的 area to verify or record information about 他们的 visitors, 特别是关于他们身份的信息. If we we are required to carry out such activities during your visit, 更多信息将在会场提供.


4 -当你预订房间、桌子或宴会时

We will use the information you provide to make 和 confirm your booking. If you book online, we will record your IP address so we can check if the booking is likely to be genuine.

如果你是代表同事预订的, we will ask for information about your organisation 和 the guest, 这样bat365在线平台就能给正确的人开发票和账单.

如果你告诉bat365在线平台饮食偏好, 过敏, 食物不耐受或特殊获取需求, we will use this information to help us look after you during your visit or stay with us.

如果你给bat365在线平台提供生日的信息, anniversaries or other celebrations that you want to commemorate during your visit, we will use this information to help make your celebration as special as possible. If you give us permission to do so, we will use this information to send you a reminder to book again 当 your next birthday or anniversary is almost due.

在你在bat365在线平台的房间里住了一夜之后, if you have not registered your home address with the Mail Preference Service, bat365在线平台想通过邮寄给你营销. This will contain news, information 和 offers about bat365在线平台 hotels 和 pubs. If you would prefer not to receive mailings from us you can opt out by 电子邮件ing our Guest Relations team at guestrelations@ieduinfo.com.


5 - When 你付款,要求退款或兑换凭证

We will use the information you provide to process your 付款 or refund. bat365在线平台不保留支付卡详细信息的记录, however please be aware that some booking 年龄nts transmit 付款 card details by fax to whichever hotel 他们的 users have booked. 如果订票代理把你的支付卡信息发给bat365在线平台, we will store the information securely until 付款 has been made, 通常是在你住完的时候.


6 - When you use our Wi-Fi service

We will use the information you provide to register you for 和 connect you to the service. When you first register, 每次你连接到这个服务, we obtain additional information from your device 和 from the equipment used to provide the Wi-Fi service. This information describes w在这里, 当 和 how you registered or connected. We use this information to provide 和 maintain your connection to the service.

Please take these steps to prevent information sharing 当 you are not actively using the service:

  • Don't select the ‘connect automatically’ option if you want to avoid connecting 和 sharing information automatically 当ever you are in range of our or another Sky partner's Wi-Fi service
  • If you chose to automatically connect to the service but have since changed your mind, 要么删除,然后重新创建Wi-Fi连接, 或者在不使用设备时关闭设备上的Wi-Fi
  • Check you have not saved your bat365在线平台 Wi-Fi connection settings before you let anyone else use your device


7 -当你订阅时事通讯或直接营销时

If you permit us to do so, we will use the information you provide to select 和 send you mess年龄s containing special offers, 折扣, promotions or any other type of information you have requested.

Every marketing mess年龄 we send includes an unsubscribe link or similar opt-out mechanism.

bat365在线平台 Wi-Fi users can change 他们的 marketing 首选项 on the Wi-Fi app's Account Settings p年龄 at any time.


8 - When we carry out profiling

We use 客户档案s to keep track of our customer interactions 和 learn more about 他们的 likes 和 dislikes. This helps us target our advertising 和 marketing 和 improve our products, 品牌 和 services.


  • Demographic information, such as your 年龄, gender, address 和 postcode
  • Purchase information, such as what you bought, how you paid 和 whether or not you took advant年龄 of a discount
  • Your likes 和 dislikes, such as what you drink, 你吃什么, whether or not you take advant年龄 of special offers 和 whether or not you like what we post on our websites 和 our social media p年龄s
  • 家庭活动和特殊场合的信息, such as the dates of birthdays, weddings 和 anniversaries
  • 关于您光顾bat365在线平台酒吧的信息, 餐厅, hotels 和 websites, such as which ones you visit, 当, how often 和 how long you stay for
  • 信息 your use of our services 和 whether or not you participate in our promotions, such as our Wi-Fi service, 电子邮件俱乐部, 忠诚计划和任何你参加的比赛
  • 信息 how you respond to our marketing 和 advertising campaigns, 比如你是否读过bat365在线平台的营销信息, see our adverts on social media or take up any of our special offers

If we get our profiling right, you will enjoy our products, services 和 品牌 more 和 more as we make improvements to them based on what we learn about you. 如果你已经签约接受直接营销, you will get the special offers that we think will most appeal to you.

如果您不希望bat365在线平台将您的个人数据用于此目的, you can let us know using the 详细联系方式 at the end of this notice.


9 - 当你使用礼品卡或参加忠诚计划时

When you buy a gift card, bat365在线平台将使用您提供的信息进行个性化处理, activate 和 send the gift card to you or the person you bought it for.

如果你加入了bat365在线平台的忠诚计划, we will use the information you provide to enrol you 和 to provide confirmation of this 和 other necessary information about your membership.

When you redeem your gift card 和 当ever you present your loyalty scheme membership number during 付款, bat365在线平台将使用您的访问信息, purchases 和 use of our services to update your gift card balance, credit your account with any loyalty points you have earned 和 update your profile.


10- When you enter a competition

Please read the competition’s privacy notice before you submit your entry.


11 - When 你在酒吧玩扑克

Please read the game organiser's privacy notice before you participate.


12 -当你提出疑问、赞扬或抱怨时

We will use the information you provide to deal with your enquiry 和 keep you informed about its progress. 如果你称赞一个人或一个团队的服务, bat365在线平台会把您的赞美转达给他们和他们的经理, 这样他们的成就才能得到认可.

Most complaints can't be resolved without discussing the matter with other people, so we may need to share information about your complaint with: the team at the pub you visited, or 他们的 area or regional man年龄r; the man年龄ment team of a 合同or we have eng年龄d; or other types of third party organisation. We will only share information with others 当 it's necessary to do so in order to investigate 和 resolve your complaint.


13 - When you take part in a survey

Please read the survey's privacy notice before you participate.


14 - When bat365在线平台录制宣传视频、采访或拍照

We display sign年龄 at our venues to notify visitors 当ever these activities are taking place. If you don’t want to involved, please let a member of staff know on your arrival so that they can ensure your wishes are respected.


15 -当bat365在线平台记录闭路电视图像和紧急电话时

We use CCTV 和 emergency audio recording technology to help keep our guests 和 staff safe 和 to help us investigate any potentially criminal or unsafe incidents which occur. Please refer to the sign年龄 on arrival at any of our venues to find out what else these recordings could be used for.

如果bat365在线平台需要进行调查, we will review these recordings to determine if they contain relevant information. If this is the case, the recording may be shared with members of our man年龄ment team, our own or third party insurers, 供应商, 承包商, licensing authorities or the police. Recordings may also be used in any insurance claim or other type of legal claim or proceeding that follows.


16 -当bat365在线平台给办公室的电话录音时

bat365在线平台录下了bat365在线平台接到的一些电话, 包括所有给客户关系团队的电话. If we intend to record your call, a recorded mess年龄 will be played to inform you of this before recording commences. Your options for avoiding the call being recorded will also be explained.

We use suitable recordings anonymously, to train call h和lers. We may review a recording if you or we are disputing a matter that the recording deals with.


17 - If an accident occurs

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident on our premises, we will use the information you or others present at the time provide to record the incident in an accident book. We may also use this information to conduct an investigation 和 to make or defend an insurance or other type of legal claim.


18 -如果bat365在线平台禁止访问一个地点

如果你被禁止进入bat365在线平台的任何场馆, we will use your name, photos 和 recordings of you 和 any other personal information that we need to identify you 和 which we can obtain 和 use lawfully to enable our staff to record 和 enforce the ban.

如果你是“酒吧观察”的成员,你就被禁止进入酒吧, they may share 和 receive information about you from other members of the Pubwatch.

General information about Pubwatch can be found on the national Pubwatch网站. You can find out more about a particular Pubwatch by asking a member of staff at a participating venue, or visiting that Pubwatch's website. Pubwatches are data controllers for the personal information they collect 和 share.


19 -如果bat365在线平台询问别人的个人数据

Please refer them to this notice 和 ask for 他们的 permission to share 他们的 information first.



信息 保存到
use of our websites 距离你上次和bat365在线平台接触还有25个月.
年龄 verification checks No information is retained, unless required for another purpose in this list.
identity verification checks 信息 collected solely for the purpose of sharing with NHS Test 和 Trace or NHS Scotl和 Test 和 Protect is retained for 21 days from 当 it is collected.

Booking information that you provide directly to a venue is normally held for 1 year from the end date of the booking. 然而, some of our venues use a booking diary 和 these diaries are kept for 2 years from the end of the calendar year.

Contractual paperwork relating to 预订 is kept for 2 years after the 合同 has concluded.

When you make a booking online, we keep booking information for 13 months from the date of your last booking. 然而, if you opt in to receive direct marketing, this period is extended (see below).

付款、退款及兑付凭证 交易当日起计6年. Payment card details are not retained unless they are faxed to us by your booking 年龄nt, in which case they are held until the booking has been completed 和 paid for.
wi - fi的使用 从你上次使用bat365在线平台的无线网络开始算起13个月. 然而, if you opt in to receive direct marketing, this period is extended (see below).
客户档案 距离你上次和bat365在线平台接触还有13个月, 或者只要你继续选择市场营销, then for a further 距离你上次和bat365在线平台接触还有25个月.
marketing 首选项 的se are kept indefinitely to ensure we can continue to respect your wishes.


competition entries

通常在比赛结束后4个月, but please check the rules for each competition before you enter.

酒吧的扑克游戏 See the game's privacy notice.
queries, compliments 和 complaints 1 year from the date of the last correspondence on the matter.
客人的调查 See the survey's privacy notice.
promotional video, audio 和 photos 请参阅在录音过程中显示的标识.
CCTV 和 emergency audio recordings CCTV is kept for 31 days 和 emergency audio is kept for 6 years from the date of the recording. 然而, if they are used as part of an investigation or claim, this period may be extended.
phone calls to our offices 由记录日期起计3个月.
事故 事故发生之日起6年, or 3 years from the 年龄 at which a child involved in the accident becomes an adult, 或者自理赔之日起3年, whichever occurs last.
禁止 Ask the person who informs you of the ban or, if applicable, see the local PubWatch's privacy notice.
行使您的数据保护权利 自我方最终回复贵方之日起12个月.
information used in connection with an insurance or other legal action, proceeding or claim 6 years from the date that the action, proceeding or claim is settled.




Whenever other companies in the bat365在线平台 group help us to provide our products or services, we may need to share some of your personal information with them. 的se companies are:

公司 角色 注册办公室
CK Asset Holdings Limited 格林金集团的终极控股公司 8th Floor, Cheung Kong Centre, 2 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
bat365在线平台 Limited 格林王集团的控股公司 韦斯特盖特啤酒厂,Bury st 埃德蒙兹,萨福克,IP33 1QT

bat365在线平台 Retailing Limited 经营在集团内部拥有酒吧的公司

Spirit Pub 公司 (Trent) Limited
bat365在线平台 Services Limited 为集团员工提供服务的公司
bat365在线平台 Retail Services Limited

Each of these companies is bound by the terms of this privacy notice 和 they are required to comply with our data protection policies. 的y are not permitted to use your personal data for 他们的 own purposes.

Other organisations who help us to provide our products 和 services

We work with a number of third-party 供应商 和 service providers. Many of these organisations process personal data in order to provide products or services to us, 或者代表bat365在线平台. See the 第三方 list 为更多的细节.

的se organisations are bound by the terms of this privacy notice 和 they are also required to comply with our data protection policies. 的y are not permitted to use your personal data for 他们的 own purposes.


We will share your personal data if it is necessary to do so to comply with a legal requirement, such as to comply with a condition attached to a premises license by a licensing authority.

We will share your personal data if it is necessary to protect our business interests, 例如执行合同条款, 追讨逾期债务或维护其他合法权利.

We may need to share your personal data with an actual or potential buyer (和 its 年龄nts 和 advisers) in connection with any actual or proposed purchase, 合并, 收购, 本公司业务的任何部分重组或破产, provided that we inform any recipient that it must use your personal information only for the purposes disclosed in this privacy notice.

We may share your personal data w在这里 t在这里 is a legitimate interest to do so, 例如, 为了侦查或预防犯罪, fraud or money laundering; to allow a regulator or ombudsman to investigate a complaint you have submitted to them; or to protect the rights of other people or organisations.

International data transfers

在您的个人数据转移到英国以外之前, bat365在线平台实施以下至少一项保障措施:

  • Check whether the personal data is being transferred to a country that has been deemed to provide an adequate level of protection by the UK government. 有关此的更多信息,请参阅 UK government website.
  • Use 合同ual clauses approved by the UK government which give personal data equivalent protection to that which it would have if processed in the UK.


组织  详细联系方式 数据共享 分享的理由 国际数据传输目的地和保障措施
123年FormBuilder 弗拉季米雷斯库,弗拉季米雷斯库n°10',一楼300195 

的名字, 强加于人, address, 电话, contact 首选项, complaint / enquiries. 管理客人的查询和投诉, managing competition entries & AD hoc web表单  
Action Solutions Vouchers Limited 谢菲尔德阿斯顿,格兰奇Worksop路,S26 2EB 的名字, 详细联系方式, 付款细节, details regarding the gift vouchers 和 他们的 us年龄 Providing gift vouchers  
BookingLive Software Limited 布里斯托尔克利夫顿怀特女士路179号231室,BS8 2AG

的名字, 电子邮件, 电话, child data 管理Playzone软游戏预订  
邦泽零售和医疗用品有限公司 约克大厦,伦敦西摩街45号,W1H 7JT 的名字, 详细联系方式, 付款细节, details regarding the gift vouchers 和 他们的 us年龄 Fulfilment of gift vouchers  
Campaign Monitor Pty Limited 澳大利亚 姓名,电子邮件,地址,出生日期,联系方式, 电话, 电子邮件交往, website visit eng年龄ment Managing our customer database 澳大利亚,标准合同条款
Card Commerce Limited t/a Savvy 5 Wormwood Street, London, EC2M 1RQ 的名字, 详细联系方式, 付款细节, details regarding the gift vouchers 和 他们的 us年龄 Providing gift vouchers  
迅捷资讯服务有限公司 82 St John Street, London EC1M 4JN

名称、地址, 出生日期, 电子邮件地址, 采购信息业务信息, 首选项, marketing opt out status, 人口统计资料 Managing our customer database  
卡拉桥公司 美国弗吉尼亚州雷斯顿市商业公园大道11400号,500室,邮编20191 调查数据 Sourcing 和 analysing survey data 美国
Dotmailer有限 No.1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG

姓名,电子邮件地址,出生日期,联系方式 管理和分发电子邮件营销活动  
EagleEye Solutions Limited 伦敦新街广场5号EC4A 3TW

姓名,电子邮件,电话,地址,出生日期, transaction 和 voucher information Managing the Season Ticket app  
益百利有限 L和mark House, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham NG80 1ZZ

的名字, 年龄, address, purchase information, eng年龄ment information (this information describes your use of our services 和 our websites) 用于人口细分和分析  
Extravision Limited 明天蓝色,英国媒体城,索尔福德M50 2AB

姓名,电子邮件,地址,出生日期,联系方式 管理和分发电子邮件营销活动  
Facebook公司 美国CA94025门洛帕克黑客路1号

电子邮件地址,地址,出生日期,市场选择退出状态 Assisting with preparing, sending 和 monitoring marketing 电子邮件s 美国
GBG Group Plc) 的 Foundation, Herons Way, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9GB 客人身份信息,包括身份证件复印件 管理使用Scan净系统记录的信息  
GI Solutions Group Limited 莱斯特郡斯库达莫尔路147号,LE3 1UQ

名称、地址, phone, 电子邮件 Data entry of paper forms into our electronic systems 和 fulfilment of Loch Fyne 忠诚卡s  
谷歌,有限责任公司  1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States

Cookie information, IP address 网站分析 美国
Guestline有限 Guestline House, Shrewsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury, SY2 6LG 姓名,地址,出生日期,付款明细,电子邮件,电话 Managing hotel 预订  
Hopewiser有限 Altrincham,大西洋街,Merlin Court, WA14 5NL

名称、地址 Data cleansing for OEI mailing data  
酒店hop UK Limited Brine Well House, Tower Hill, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire WR9 8BY

姓名,地址,出生日期,付款明细,电子邮件,电话 管理酒店多功能厅的预订  
激励防护有限公司 希尔顿大厅,希尔顿巷,埃辛顿WV11 2BQ 视觉图像 管理、维护和运行闭路电视  
启发思维集团有限公司 伯明翰市公园路堡邓洛普堡315号,邮编B24 9FD 姓名,地址,出生日期,电子邮件,电话 管理bat365在线平台的OEI邮件和订单  
JT Response Limited  萨福克郡阿什莉米尔路28号,CB8 9EE IP地址、MAC地址、Cookies、Web浏览历史 管理和维护bat365在线平台的网站  
LiveBookings Limited 伦敦SE1 7NQ约克路39号伊丽莎白大厦5楼

的名字, 电子邮件, 电话, child data 管理Wacky Warehouse软游戏预订  
Logwood Computing Ltd 的 Old Granary 的 Lynch, Kensworth, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 3QZ 姓名,电子邮件,电话,地址,出生日期 Managing table 预订  
市场力量信息(欧洲)有限公司 威肯斯特拉福德路的米尔山农场, 
Milton Keynes MK19 6DG

调查数据 Sourcing 和 analysing survey data  
Mercury Security Systems Limited 9 Bridgegate Centre, Martinfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1JG 视觉图像 管理、维护和运行闭路电视  
Mobas有限  Cambridge House, 65 London Road, Stapleford, Cambridge CB22 5DG

IP地址、MAC地址、Cookies、Web浏览历史 管理和维护bat365在线平台的网站  
移动公司  美国纽约10018号,纽约市布莱恩特公园9楼5号

位置,电子邮件地址,电子邮件回复 Assisting with preparing, sending 和 monitoring marketing 电子邮件s 美国
Opentable International Limited 伦敦新街广场5号,EC4A 3TW

姓名,电子邮件,电话,地址,出生日期 Managing table 预订  
OR Multimedia Limited 伦敦东城堡街50号,w1w8ea

IP地址、MAC地址、Cookies、Web浏览历史 管理和维护bat365在线平台的网站和应用程序  
指针安全   苏格兰的安全
65 North Wallace Street
Strathclyde G4 0DT
视觉图像 管理、维护和运行闭路电视  
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This section of the notice will be updated as 和 当 供应商 change. Last updated: 6th July, 2020.



目的 合法的基础上
When you use our websites 它在bat365在线平台的 legitimate interests to provide a fully-functioning, accessible 和 useful website to our customers.
When we need to verify your 年龄

We process this data to satisfy our 法律义务 禁止向18岁以下的未成年人出售酒精饮料.

它在bat365在线平台的 legitimate interests to ensure that we do not market alcohol to anyone under the 年龄 of 18.

bat365在线平台需要核实或记录您的身份信息 This is sometimes due to a 法律义务 imposed under the Licensing Act, or in the case of assisting NHS Test 和 Trace 和 NHS Scotl和 Test 和 Protect, 他们的 legitimate interest 能够在大流行期间迅速采取行动.
When you make a booking, 付款, 请求退款, 使用会员卡, 使用礼品卡, use our Wi-Fi or 当 we send you service-related communications We process data to set up the 合同, provide the services to you 和 notify you of any important changes to them.

bat365在线平台把营销信息发给那些 同意 接收它.

bat365在线平台也可以把市场营销的客户谁, 当 informed that we want to do so, choose not to opt out (软选择).

这是一个 legitimate interest to send direct mail marketing to let our customers know about our products, 品牌, 服务和任何特别优惠,bat365在线平台正在运行.

Customers who no longer want to receive marketing can opt out at any time (please follow the instructions in the marketing mess年龄s we send you).

When we carry out profiling

This helps our business to develop by targeting our advertising 和 marketing 和 underst和 more about our customers like 和 dislikes, 这是 legitimate interests 对bat365在线平台来说.

当你使用礼品卡或参加忠诚计划时   提供你应得的福利 合同.
When you enter a competition.   请参阅比赛私隐通知.
When 你在酒吧玩扑克  请参阅本次比赛的隐私通知.

Sometimes our processing will be necessary 对bat365在线平台来说 to meet the terms of the 合同 bat365在线平台有. Otherwise, it we will have a legitimate interest 充分处理你提出的问题.

When you take part in a survey 这是一个 legitimate interest 询问您对bat365在线平台服务的看法, 哪些是bat365在线平台做得好的,哪些是您认为bat365在线平台可以改进的, 然后采取行动.
bat365在线平台录制宣传视频、采访或拍照 它在bat365在线平台的 legitimate interests to take photos 和 video 和 recordings to promote our businesses positively via our marketing 和 press releases.

牌照当局可能会要求bat365在线平台这样做(法律义务) or choose to do so for the purposes stated on the sign年龄 (legitimate interest).

当bat365在线平台给bat365在线平台办公室的电话录音时 这是在bat365在线平台的 legitimate interest to be able to use suitable recordings to train call h和lers 和 to be able to refer to recordings 当 that can help resolve a dispute.
When an accident occurs  bat365在线平台记录事故主要是为了遵守bat365在线平台的 法律义务 和 to support 和 defend claims (legitimate interest).
When we impose a ban We may impose a ban on visiting our premises, to protect our customers 和 staff (legitimate interest).

的 ICO have published a helpful guide to lawful bases for the general public which you can find 在这里.


bat365在线平台保护bat365在线平台持有的个人数据不被窃取, 意外的损失, corruption 和 other threats that would have a negative impact on our customers. Our protective measures include:

  • 不收集bat365在线平台不需要的个人数据
  • Securely destroying or anonymising personal data 当 we don’t need it any more
  • Only allowing our employees 和 our 供应商 to process the personal data they need to carry out 他们的 duties
  • Encrypting personal data to render it useless to anyone who is not authorised to access it
  • Making sure that staff are trained on how to h和le personal data safely 和 securely 和 are fully aware of 他们的 personal responsibilities
  • Binding our 供应商 和 partners to the same st和ards 和 duty of care that we hold ourselves to
  • Protecting our websites, 净works 和 IT systems from unauthorised access 和 from threats such as denial of service attacks, viruses 和 malware
  • Making periodic checks that these safeguards are working well 和 making improvements to them 当 we think we can do better


Data protection law provides you with certain rights 和 as a responsible data controller, we are committed to uphold these.

正确的名称 描述
信息 You have the right to be informed what we will use your personal information for, w在这里 we obtain it, bat365在线平台和谁分享,保存多久. 这是发布此通知的主要原因.
访问 You have the right to access a copy of your personal data 和 an explanation of what we are using it for. This is also known as a ‘subject access request’, ‘SAR’ or ‘DSAR’.
整改 You have the right to ask us to correct or stop processing inaccurate personal data.
Erasure ('right to be forgotten') You have a right in certain situations to ask us to delete your personal data.
Restriction of processing You have a right in certain situations to ask us not to process your personal data.
Object to processing You have the right in certain situations to object to the fact that we are processing some of your personal data.
可移植性 You have the right in certain situations to ask us to pass some of your personal data to another data controller on your behalf.
抱怨 You have a right to submit a complaint to the UK 信息 Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
撤回同意 Most of the personal data processing we do is not dependent on your 同意 but any 同意 that we are relying on can be withdrawn if you wish to do so.

Detailed information about all of these rights can be found on the 图标的网站.

Responding to your request

If you notify us that you want to exercise your rights, we will acknowledge your request promptly. 如果bat365在线平台还不知道你是谁, we may need to ask you to provide us with additional information to enable us to verify your identity. 的 information we would need depends on the nature of your request.

一旦bat365在线平台确认了你的身份, we will validate your request 和 gather the information we need to be able to respond to it. We will carry out this work as quickly as possible but it may take up to 30 days to respond in full. 如果您的请求特别复杂, we may ask you for further information to help us respond more quickly, or ask you if t在这里 is some information that you want particularly urgently. We may also respond to your request in phases, as relevant information becomes available.

如果bat365在线平台不能在30天内满足你的要求, we will write to you to tell you why, 和 当 we expect to be able to provide you with a full response.

这些权利中有些是有条件的. If for any reason we decide that we cannot satisfy your request, we will provide you with our decision 和 our reasons for reaching it within 30 days.


如果你想讨论bat365在线平台如何使用你的个人数据, opt out of profiling, exercise your data protection rights or contact our data protection officer, you may write to: bat365在线平台, 韦斯特盖特啤酒厂, 埋葬圣埃德蒙兹, 萨福克郡, IP33 1QT; or send an 电子邮件 to: dataprotection@ieduinfo.com.


This version of our privacy notice is effective from 24th September, 2021

版本4 于2020年7月6日至2021年9月23日生效

版本3 于2018年5月24日至2020年7月5日生效.

版本2 有效期为2017年11月1日至2018年5月23日.

版本1 有效期为2015年3月至2017年10月31日